Papa Joe’s Gay Ex-Escort Kisses and Tells

Happy Halloween, CG Readers!!! 

Since it’s Halloween, I’m going to try and keep my postings today to either be categorized as “Tricks” or “Treats.”  You may have already guess by the headline of this story will fall under…


That’s right, because this is about a male trick Chestica Simspon’s dad was hooking up with while he was still in the closet and married to Chesty’s mom, Tina Simpson.

The National Enquirer (via RadarOnline) decided to play a Halloween prank on us all (bitches!) by interviewing one of Papa Joe Simpson’s previous flings.  

The explosive bombshell comes from the National Enquirer, who spoke with 32-year-old Joey Anderson, a New York City-based male escort who passed a polygraph test recounting a steamy three-hour tryst with Joe at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in May.

“Over the course of two hours or so, we rolled around, kissed and gave each other oral,” Joey told the Enquirer.

“We’d take breathers and then start up all over again. He seemed to have an insatiable appetite for sex and never really appeared tired.”

The former Baptist minister was “very much pleased” with the session, according to Joey, and paid him $600 “for my time, not for sexual services.”

First off : bitch, PLEASE.  ”For my time, not for sexual services.”  I understand, you have to cover your ass (no pun intended) but seriously,that made my pupils ache from the massive eye roll I did reading that sentence.

Secondly: Oh. My. Word.  Talk about things I never needed to know about Papa Joe. Speaking of aches, the bile in my throat triggered by my gag reflex upon reading “kissed and gave each other oral” and three hours of stamina.  $600 wouldn’t be enough for me to spend three minutes with Papa Joe, let alone three hours. (Of course it would be.  Hell, I’d be sold for a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup and a Big Gulp from 7-11.)

And because the image of Papa Joe 69′ing for three hours has now been burned into the retinas of my brain, dear reader, I pass this treat on to you.


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