Lindsay Lohan Ambushed By Love

Lindsay Lohan’s father and her entire team of paid employees staged an intervention at her home on Friday night to get her to stop her silent but steady fall off the wagon, which has been described as “drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day” plus “empty bottles” and “cocaine.”

Michael has been in communication with Evan Hainey, who is Linday’s manager, Dave Feldman, her entertainment lawyer, and Shawn Holley, her criminal lawyer for a couple weeks discussing what they know Lindsay is doing (drugs and alcohol) what they’ve heard she’s doing, and how much and when she’s doing it. The end result was a combined effort to get Lindsay to L.A. for the intervention.

Unfortunately for Michael, when he and the rest of the group showed up at Lindsay’s house for the intervention, her “boyfriend” wouldn’t allow them in the house, called the cops for trespassing, and then had to listen to Lindsay tell the media that she’s going to get a protection order against him.

Guess it was just a typical weekend for the Lohans.


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