Jennifer Aniston Gets “Teary” Over Engagement

Welp, it looks like Jennifer Aniston is going to be one of those smug engaged people who turns into a smug married.  It’s already happening.

Jen appeared on BFF Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately yesterday and naturally, one of the subjects the two discussed were Jen’s engagement to Justin Theroux. As soon as the word ‘engaged’ was uttered, Jen swiped at her eyes and did her best ‘I’m going to cry face.’ Which was laughably bad.  I’ve seen drunk people express more authentic happiness when they are eating a waffle at 3am than Jennifer did here.  Though to be fair, I think most people would rather be consuming some late night chow from the Awful House than they would being engaged to Justin Theroux.

Anyhoo, I have no doubt these these two bitches rehearsed the entire interview, tears included, while they drank vodka martinis and talked shit about Brad and Angie and making sure that everyone knows Jen Aniston – HAPPY damn it – and she doesn’t even think about Brangelina anymore cause it’s just so yesterday.

On a more positive note, Jennifer Aniston is inspiring all the other desperate Jennifer’s out there (specifically with the last name Love-Hewitt) that they, too, stand a chance finally getting a ring put on it.


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