In Case You Missed It: Second Official Trailer for “Jack Reacher”

So let me get this off my chest: I don’t like Tom Cruise.  I have never liked Tom Cruise.  I was one of the people who actually despised Tommy Girl and his “acting” long before it became cool to do so, and before I even knew he was a $cientologist.  Deep down, I think I always knew something was off about Tiny Tom.  Moreover, though, I really hated the way he acted a.  Whenever he ruins appears in a movie, it’s always the same.  ”Oh, Tom Cruise is playing the role of this this” or “Tom Cruise is acting like a that.”    You can never forget that it’s Tom Cruise.  In fact, the only time I truly think I enjoyed one of his characters was when he portrayed the egotistical and controlling asshole Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder- and i think it’s because Tommy Girl didn’t really have to stretch the ol’ acting chops to play an egotistical, controlling asshole.

Anyhoo, Tiny Tom rant over, here’s the second trailer for his next film, Jack Reacher. It looks hilariously cheesy.And I don’t care how many ‘masculine’ roles Tommy Girl takes, I’ll always think of him as a little man hiding in the closet.


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