Chris the Fist Has FEEEEEELINGS

So, I just wrote an entire article that was deleted because I accidentally pressed backspace and went back in my browser instead of actually backspacing.  I’m pretty pissy about that, so instead of all the shit that I wrote before, you guys are now getting the short, short version of this post.

Yesterday Chis Brown said he dumped Karreuche Tran for Rihanna’s “friendship.” To which everyone all over the world was like   “Right. Friends.”

Chris the Fist got drunk and made a video of him with sad face because because he’s he loves both Ay Karrumba and Rihanna.

He twatted it out and called it “The Real Chris Brown.” .

Kockroache got pissy and also went to twat out her feelings, saying, “ ”WTF is going on? All I’m saying is, you don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t!”

Then Rihanna trolled in and tweeted “Ain’t nobody bidness…..But mine and my baby!”

Right.  Nobody’s business except yours, Chris’s…and the entire fucking internet.

Everybody who watched the video got a massive headache from their eyes rolling so far back in their head their eyeballs touched their spinal cord.  Seriously, this is some teenaged angst type bullshit drama.  Everyone in this situation should be a full grown-assed adult, but are all acting like 12 year old with Myspace.  I can’t with all three of them.

Team: These bitches need to shut the fuck up already.


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