Amber Tamblyn and David Cross are Married

David and Amber share a dance at their wedding

I always forget that Amber Tamblyn A) actually had a career as an actress at one point and B) is in a relationship with David Cross.  So whenever I see news about them being together it’s like a surprise all over again.

A few months ago, Amber, 29, and David, 48, announced their engagement and I was like “Really? Well, this won’t end well…” because I’m a bitch like that. (The first thing I do when I read about a Hollywood engagement/wedding is start up my internal Celebrity Divorce Countdown Clock.  It’s similar to the Doomsday Clock, but a lot less depressing).

Anyhoo, PEOPLE says Amber and David are officially on the clock because the two got hitched over the weekend.   David (who will always be Tobias Funke to me) and Amber (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) had Yo La Tengo play at their wedding, as well as Questlove from The Roots as their DJ.

Director Lance Bangs Instashitted the above pic of the two slow dancing at their ceremony, which took place on Saturday.

This is the first marriage for both.


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