This Was Not At All a Publicity Stunt

Janice Dickinson and pornstar/potential-future-Christian-Grey James Deen ‘made out’ in front of the cameras at the Chataeu Marmont last night – or at least, I think that’s what’s on in this video.  It actually looks like Janice is unhinging her jaw to devour his face while making the same type of ‘kissy head’ movements I made with my Barbie dolls when I was a kid.

I don’t know what the Hottest Mess part of  this Hot Mess video even is:  The fact that James Deen is actually too good for Janice Dickinson? The fact that Janice obviously had too much of the bad shit – and it must have been bad because no good shit makes you want to start randomly making out with James Deen.  Or the fact that I get more turned on watching the Honey Badger video than looking at these two doing whatever is they’re doing with their mouths here.


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