The Tabs Say Robsten is Back On

Fucking Christ.  This shit is just a another way to milk the are they/aren’t they that marketed the Twatlight films for the first couple of years until Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kinda sorta admitted they were together.  I mean, it wasn’t until after Kristen was rubbing her ass all over Rupert Sanders crotch in public that she finally confirmed she and Rob were dating (go figure).

KStew’s PR team

Twatlight marketing execs


“Sources” close to the former are telling everyone and their mother with the ability to publish words Rob and Kristen are working on reuniting. KStew’s publicist One insider tell PEOPLE  the two met over the weekend, and that they think “they’ll be a couple again.”  Another source says Rob is having a hard time moving on, and that he may be ready to forgive Kristen for acting out her own version of Ho White and the Cuntsman with director Rupert.

In the meantime, Rupert’s estranged wife, Liberty Rosswas photographed at an event this weekend not wearing her wedding rings, holding another guy’s hand, and with no fucks given for her cheating dipshit of a husband.


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