Sean Kingston Loses In Court Against Landlady

Sean Kingston and his mother rented a mansion in Miami last year, which was obviously super nice considering the $25k a month rental price. Unfortunately for the property owner, Sean and his mother didn’t leave the property in the super nice condition it was likely given to them in.

According to lawsuit docs, Sean and his mother not only broke the lease two months early, but when they vacated the property, they left it with holes in the wall, broken landscaping lights, broken sprinkler heads, and a broken railing around the waterfront dock. All in all, Sean caused $20,000 in damage.

As a result, the landlady filed a lawsuit in Miami for reimbursement of the two months missed rent and damage to the tune of $77,000. Sean decided that he couldn’t be bothered with dealing with the lawsuit in Miami since he is living back in L.A. so he never responded to the Complaint. As a result, the Judge entered a default judgment against Sean and ordered him to pay the requested $77,000 minus his security deposit of $25,000, which means pay up $52,858.00!


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