Randy Jackson May Still Judge This Season of ‘American Idol’

“American Idol” producers told Randy Jackson a few weeks ago that he would not sit at the judge’s table this season, but would rather play a mentoring role to the contestants. Randy wasn’t pleased, but I’m sure he could read between the lines that AI wanted to switch everything up with a whole new table of judges.

With Randy taken care of, the producers then turned their attention to finding judges to sit beside Mariah Carey, who was the only confirmed judge at that point in time. Just three days ago, we reported that AI wanted Enrique Iglesias; however it seems that JLo has spoken truth to him, because he’s reportedly completely out of the running despite being offered a cool $4M for the gig. That left AI with only one judge again.

In an effort to not seem like they are completely unraveling, particularly because the show is supposed to start auditions in two weeks, it’s begin reported that the show wants to promote Randy back up to the judge’s table, which I’m sure he’ll gladly accept.

Now, the show just needs to find one or two other judges to fill the extra seats (the show has said that they wanted to give four judges a try this season). They are apparently still in talks with Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj, but nothing is set in stone yet; however I’m sure something will get done by the beginning of auditions, or else Mariah and Randy will have to take on the judging by themselves (which I’m sure Mariah would prefer).

P.S. If you’re sick of all the AI rumors and are wondering how likely this story is, consider it fact because Simon Cowell said so:



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