Obvious PR Move is Obvious

The Twatlight PR machine is in full swing.  Over the past couple of weeks, all the major tabs have reported some sort of Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson reconciliation – ranging in degrees from they’re taking things extremely slow and just starting to talk to Rob  is back to licking KStew’s armpits on a full-time basis.

Now PEOPLE is on the are-they-or-aren’t-they hype.  Their latest report says the two are moving forward but slowly with reconciling, as Rob obviously has some trust issues:

Rob was completely heartbroken and was saying there was no way he could ever forgive her,” a source told PEOPLE recently. “But not speaking to someone that you thought was your end all, be all, is clearly harder than he expected.”

Pattinson’s friends want him to move on because “they don’t want to see him hurt again,” the source added. “But it’s easier said than done.”

Meanwhile, a different source says that the actor’s pals “keep telling him he needs some time and space, but they all think they will be a couple again, maybe as soon as they are together for the Twilight promos.”


Summit Studios and their PR reps are spinning the KStew’s ass-in-a-married-dude’s-crotch debacle for the maximum amount exposure possible for the film.  The fact these ‘sources’ specifically reference Twatlight is what convinced me this is a PR stunt queen move.  Also, I’m willing to bet that if these two do go ‘officially back on’ for the promo, they’ll officially – and permanently – be off shortly after Breaking Hymen Part Deux (Hymen Harder) finishes up its run in theaters.


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