Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Already Trying to Out Diva Each Other

Nicki, girl, you need to back up, because Mariah Carey will snatch your lacefront quicker than you will fall into obscurity.

After much speculation, American Idol finally confirmed their floptastic new judging panel over the weekend.  The show revealed Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and country singer Keith Urban are replacing Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Usually I would cry “publicity stunt” when reading about behind-the-scenes squabbles and such, however, I totally believe this.  TMZ is reporting that Queen Mimi and Nicki Minaj are about two steps away from a catfight of epic proportions.   During the show’s first taping this weekend, the two snarled at each other openly.  Sources say that every time Nicki critiqued a contestant, Queen Mimi would jump in with her own thoughts.

Point:  Mariah.  Everyone knows Nicki has no talent, and really – she shouldn’t be critiquing anybody, anyways.

However, the constant interruption was pissing Nicki off, and she would end up getting louder and speaking over Mimi.

Point: Mariah againLouder does not mean better, Nicki – and that extends to your “taste” in fashion as well…

An American Idol source (read: show’s publicist) says the tension is rather obvious to everyone.  ”These girls just don’t like each other.”  And when Idol’s execs contacted Mimi to inform her Nicki had been hired on as a judge, she hung up on them.

Final point: Mariah. Anyone person who gets a call stating Nicki Minaj would be judging a talent competition should promptly hang up on the people who made that asstastic decision.


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