Lindsay Lohan is Living the Dream

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to fuckery vomiting from her collagen-filled lips or from the tips her cigarette-yellow stained fingers, so this type of shit is not shocking.

Yesterday, Blohan twatted out this photo to her followers, taking a page of out GOOPs Entitled Bitch book offering ‘words of inspiration’ to the little people.

Bitch, please with this shit.

First off, is that the laptop the Chateau Marmont wants back?  Secondly, it was just days ago you were tweeting the Prez to cut taxes for those on the Forbes’ millionaire lists that weren’t really millionaires:

In the meantime, thanks for the words of encouragement.  We’ll try to continue the fight for ‘living our dreams.’   You’re so inspirational. A real role model.


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