Guess What Amanda Bynes Did

Amanda Bynes driving on a suspended license stories have reached a point that when I read them, I have to double-check the date to make sure it’s not the same story I read a couple days before.  You know, kind of like Randy Travis and church parking lots. Or Blohan and stolen jewelry.

But unlike Blohan, Amanda has just shot out of the gate, surprising everyone with her cray-cray antics, which at this point has ceased to be amusing and is actually is rather alarming.

Amanda was pulled over by police in Burbank, CA around 9am yesterday. When the officer ran her license, he found it had been suspended earlier this month.  They then gave Amanda a ticket and impounded her BMW.

Obviously, this is a good thing.  I think we can all agree Amanda needs to stay off the road.  But over the weekend, reports surfaced that suggested Amanda is truly suffering from some type of mental breakdown, and her driving recklessly and bucking her suspended license were related to this.

According to TMZpeople who frequent Amanda’s gym (Equinox in W. Hollywood) fear the former actress is actually going crazy.  Witnesses claim Amanda talks to herself, both asking questions and giving her own answers, and that she randomly stops working out and begin “laughing hysterically for no reason.” One source says he’s watched Amanda over the past few months and her conditions is rapidly spiraling downward.

Amanda’s neighbors agree that something is very wrong with her.  One resident in her condo says Amanda is known to have  long talks with inanimate objects, while other neighbors are aware of her deteriorating mental state.

Whatever is going happening with her, it’s rather obvious at this point that someone needs to step in and help her out.


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