Dina Lohan Continues to Be Mother of the Year

This video will make you realize Lindsay Lohan really never had a chance.  With a father like Michael and a mother Dina, Blohan was doomed to become a hot ass mess, because it was simply in her genes.

Dina Lohan was interviewed by Dr. Phil McGraw for a feature that will air on his show Monday.  In the teaser released a couple of days go, Dina seems to be pulling a complete Blohan -slurring her words, asking inane questions and making total WTF? comments.  So basically, it was a typical Blohan interview.

The most interesting part for me was the internal “Guess the Substance” game I played while watching this.  Was it alcohol? Prescription pills? Coke?  A combination of two – or possibly 3?  Unfortunately, we may never know. But when your ass makes me cheer for fucking Dr. Phil, and makes Michael Lohan like the sane one, you should probably just stop.


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