Billie Joe Armstrong Flips Out On Stage

The iHeartRadio music festival went off on Friday and although the entire lineup was pretty amazing, the directors apparently thought that Usher was superior to the legendary Green Day and therefore chose to shorten Green Day’s set time to approximately 20 minutes to make room for usher.

Apparently Billie Joe Armstrong was up on stage when he got the cue that the band only had one minute left on stage, which is when he completely lost his shit.

You can catch the video below, but here’s some highlights.

Give me a f—ing break. One minute left.

I’ve been around since nineteen-eighty-f—ing-eight and you’re going to give me one f—ing┬áminute?

Th’m not f—ing Justin Bieber, you motherf—ers! You gotta be f—ing┬ájoking.


And then he smashes his guitar. Classic.


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