Amanda Bynes Continues to Display Intelligent Decision Making Skills

Amanda Bynes is continuing her long spiral down into the hot mess fuckery of a teenaged stars who once had “potential” and now just have “pot.”  (The bad jokes stays.)

I thought that black hole had been filled by the reigning “what have you done with your life” champ Lindsay Lohan, but Amanda is giving her some stiff competition as of late, and she’s just not letting up.  Because today is a day that ends in ‘y,’ Amanda and her infamous Car of Doom is back o TMZs front page again.  This time, Amanda was only only driving around illegallyagain - bitch was smoking pot from a pipe while doing it. 

Since CG has the photo budget equivalent to a teenager’s monthly allowance  (scratch that - less than my allowance as a teenager) – I’m just going to link you right here to the 44 photos TMZ has showing in great detail Amanda’s adventure on Tuesday.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Amanda puffin’ on the pipe while in the driver’s seat of her car
  • Amanda’s car is a dirty ass mess
  • Marijuana resin in the cup holders
  • Amanda getting the munchies
  • Amanda buying pink light bulbs from Home Depot (apparently a detail we all needed to know about)

Let’s be honest, no one cares if she’s tokin’ up.  Who doesn’t like to smoke a little weed?  That’s not the issue here.  More power to her for that.  The real issue is that she has a suspended license and is is still continuing to drive around ‘aimlessly’ while high.   It’s like she’s purposefully trying to snatch Blohan’s Dumb Bitch crown, and at this point, she’s got a really good shot  at being successful with doing so.



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