Randy Jackson Demoted from Judge to Mentor on “American Idol”

Well, there was speculation Randy Jackson was going to from Big Dawg to Big Log on American Idol – and it looks like rumor has come to fruition.

TMZ says the only original remaining judge on Idol has been demoted – to lowly show mentor, and even that role is shaky.  Show sources fear the Big Log isn’t really cut out to be the show mentor, but he and Ryan Seacrest remain the only ghosts from Idol’s past tying it to the present.

Along with the news of Randy’s demotion is that it appears Idol’s deal with Nicki Minaj is nearly done.  Though Mariah Carey is reportedly greasing up her face, throwing on some brass knuckles and ready to literally snatch the wig off Nicki’s head if she signs on, Minaj is 99% ready to make her judging debut on the show.  The producers are hoping for an on-air catfight, because at this point, Idol is dying a slow death and this type of ‘conflict’ will be great for ratings.

Idol is also going to be adding a fourth judge to lineup.  They were hoping for a name like Diddy or Kanye West, but both are “out of the picture.”


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