Octomom and Farrah Abraham Are Here to Destroy Your Ears

Whelp, I take everything back I said about Taylor Shitty’s latest song, because when you compare that craptastic piece of garbage to the ‘offerings’ from Octomom and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, it becomes a piece of art.

The death knell for all music (AKA Autotune) allowed Octomom and Farrah to queef these shittys dittys into a studio mic and release them onto the unsuspecting public.  Is it really too much to ask for Octomom’s black hole hoo-ha to swallow itself up and take all of MTV’s reality show stars with it?  (Side note: Just what in the Sam Hill fuckery is going on with these crucifixes? It’s like a Catholic priest barfed these crosses all over the place in a last ditch effort to exorcise the demons.  With the dudes hairline, her nakedness, the crucifixes and it’s ‘goth’ like feel, it legit creeps me out.)

Anyhoo, grab the barf bags and gird your loins, because a sharp pair of kitchen shears to the ear drums is a lot less painful than listening to these two songs.

(And yes, she does say “OctoLoanin the lyrics)

Without further adieu, I give you Octomom’s Sexy Party and Farrah Abraham’s On My Own, because misery loves company – and these truly made me weep for society.




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