News That Shocks No One: Lindsay Lohan Suspected in House Party Theft

Everyone, grab your Lindsay Lohan bingo cards.  If you have the words “theft,” “suspect,” and “it wasn’t me – it was the black guy!” on it – go ahead and mark them. You may have yourself a bingo.

Last week, we reported Lindsay had went to a lavish Hollywood party at the home of Sam Magid. While she was there, thousands of dollars worth of things went missing.  At the time, Linds denied she had anything to do with the theft.  However, we all raised a skeptical brow since it’s pretty well known a Lohan can’t change their freckles and bitch loves herself a good five-finger discount.

So, fast-forward a few days later and surprise, surprise – who is a prime suspect in the case of the missing nice things from Sam Magid’s house?  If you guessed Lindsay Lohan, give yourself a gold star, because you’re right.  TMZ says Lindsay and her assistant, Gavin Doyle, are both suspected in the robbery of $100k dollars worth of watches and sunglasses.

Now, since Lindsay Lohan is…well, Lindsay Lohan, she claims it was not her, but the one armed man black man.  The black man in question? Andrew Knight, who claims to be Suge Knight’s son:

Magid told cops Monday … he was in touch with 2 of Lindsay’s friends — one of whom is Andrew Knight — and they said the night of the theft Lindsay had handed them a bag with 2 or 3 pieces of the stolen items wrapped in her t-shirt. The 2 men returned the items to Magid. Other items were still missing.

Magid also said he was in touch with Lindsay, who told him she had hidden some of the other items around the house because she was afraid they would be stolen by burglars. We’re told Magid told cops Lindsay confessed she was on Ambien at the time she hid the jewelry and was hazy about exactly what happened.

Now Lindsay claims Knight is the real culprit, something Knight strongly denies. And apparently cops buy his story, because Lindsay is the target of the investigation.

Magid told cops Lindsay contacted him recently and said, “I’m sorry. Please pray for me.”

Suge Knight’s son?  Giiiirll….That is one guy you don’t want accuse of shit like this, unless you want to be dangling by your ankles from a 20th floor balcony.  Just sayin’.

Anywhoo, LiLo’s attorney Shawn Holley is also currently refusing to cooperate with detectives.  Blohan is still also on probation for stealing a necklace a couple of years back.


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