Kim Kardashian is Off of Birth Control

Oh, Lord help us if this is true.  InTouch is reporting that Kim Kartrashian is trying to pull another stunt queen move with her vajayjay. This time, instead of using her nether bits to make a sex tape or trick Herp-Derp Humphries into sham marriage, she’s trying to get knocked up.

Pimp Momager Kris A source close to Kim says she and Kanye are ready for a baby – and she’s gone off the pill hoping for a happy surprise:

In Touch can exclusively reveal that Kim has taken a big step in her quest to conceive — she’s quit her birth control!

“Kim is ready to have babies and talks about it all the time,” reveals a Kardashian insider to In Touch. And since she’s been on the pill for around 15 years, reports another source, Kim, 31, is taking “the necessary measures” to make it easier to conceive.

And Kanye, 35, is not being shy about how he feels about Kim getting pregnant either! Hitting Manhattan hotspot PHD with Leonardo DiCaprio on August 3, Kanye “didn’t even look at girls,” says an eyewitness to In Touch. Instead, he jumped in the DJ booth and debuted three new songs … including one titled “Perfect Bitch” that mentions his “future wife,” Kim, and proclaims he wants her to have his babies.

Now, I know this is InTouch, but I can totally see this being true. Kim has no talent that doesn’t revolve around her tits, ass or vajayay.   She’s already done the porn thing and there’s no chance at the public buying  another wedding just yet (even if it is to Kanye).  However, milking the spawn of a Kartashian is what this family does best.  At this point, it’s one fo the few tricks left up Kim’s snatch sleeve.


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