Justin Theroux and Jen Aniston Are Engaged

Tabloid editors collectively jizzed themselves with glee over the weekend as visions of more Brad/Angelina/Jen covers danced in their head.  Not only are nuptials between Brangelina apparently imminent (after the two failed to marry this past weekend, the new rumor is it will happen next weekend), PEOPLE has confirmed Justin and Jen will also be tying to knot.

The two came out as a couple last May, after meeting on the set of their film, Wanderlust.

Justin reportedly proposed to Jen on Friday night, while he was also celebrating his birthday. Of course, the mags will no doubt have a field day with the headlines now.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll get not only the speculation of their wedding plans (when?! where?! who will they wear?!), but I’m sure the never ending “Jen is pregnant!” shit will be splashed over a few of the tabloids, along with the Jen/Angie feud as the brides strive to outdo each other.

Here we go again.


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