Jon Stewart Tells Rob Pattinson to “Kick Her to the Curb”

Jon Stewart probably needs to help everyone through their messy break ups, because his Daily Show interview with Robert Pattinson last night was funny, cute and – get this – it actually made me LIKE  RPattz.  Dare I say it? I found Rob quite charming and even a little bit attractive.

But seriously, it’s pretty much impossible to have not been charmed by RPattz’s first interview post Trampire Kristen being photographed with Rupert Sanders mouth all over various parts of her body.

In the interview, Jon Stewart breaks out the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream early on to help comfort Rob through his break up with Kristen.  Though Rob just laughs it off, he never denies that he and KStew are indeed through, as Jon mentions his ‘break up’ 3 times.  Jon also offered this advice to Rob: “You are better off.  Kick her to the curb!”

Here’s Rob and David Cronenberg ringing the opening bell for the NYSE this morning.


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