Jeremy Renner Calls The Kartrashians “Those Stupid, Stupid People”

Jeremy Renner recently gave an interview to The Guardian, where he revealed what he really thinks about the Katrashians family and their level of fame.  Basically, if any of the Kartrashians were on fire, he wouldn’t piss on them to put it out. (Duh, he’s not Ray J!)

Renner is charmingly candid – no media-trained platitudes or overly-supportive spew in sight. It’s refreshing. When we talk about the pitfalls of fame, I mention the Kardashians and he doesn’t hesitate to roll his eyes and make his disdain crystal clear. “Oh, all those ridiculous people with zero talent who spend their lives making sure everyone knows their name. Those stupid, stupid people.”

Zero talent? Check.  Stupid people? Check.  Spending their lives trying to get their name as viral as an STD? Checkity check check.  I see no lies in anything he said, only truth.

Of course, now I’m counting down to  the inevitable whiny response from Kim on how hard she has to work at her celebrity, and people don’t give her enough credit for being a great business woman.

And here’s Kanye West’s latest video (with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross) – featuring a cameo by Kim around the 5:30 mark.  Spoiler alert: the video sucks.


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