Damn, Mac, Get It Together

The other day, The National Enquirer published an article claiming Macaulay Culkin is addicted to heroin and prescription drugs, and that he’s on a rapid downward shit spiral and skirting with death. Shortly after these allegations were published, a rep for Mac vehemently denied their story, saying:

“The report in the National Enquirer that Macaulay Culkin is addicted to heroin and assorted hallucinogenics is not only categorically without merit, but it is also impossibly and ridiculously fictitious.”

However, the magazine’s claims were not surprising to anyone, since Mac has been looking alarmingly gaunt in the last few months, and we’ve all suspected drugs may be the underlying cause  - and the tabloid is maintaining this is definitely the case.  In an open letter posted on their site yesterday, the Enquirer insists that not only is Mac dangerously addicted, but that he is going over the bend – and his reps are enabling him to do so.

Our advice to Macaulay is to seek professional help to avoid the  same tragic fate of other beloved celebrities, including  Whitney Houston who  died earlier this year.

We believe that the former childstar should be doing everything he can to get the treatment he so desperately needs – and which could have saved the life of his friend Elijah Rosello.

Her family confirmed to The ENQUIRER that she did drugs with Macaulay before her drug-related death in March.

Should Macaulay’s representatives continue to deny The ENQUIRER’s accurate and detailed report, we are ready to offer him the opportunity to take a blood test administered by an independent medical lab.  

It is a fact that as The ENQUIRER tracked Whitney Houston’s descent into her drug hell, she refused to admit she had a problem – and Whitney was represented by some of those people now denying Macaulay’s  potentially deadly problems.

Holy hell.  These bitches aren’t pulling any punches or backing down, which makes me believe that they’ve got some reliable sources here.  (Remember, this is the mag who broke the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story.)

However, this truly saddens me.  I hope someone around him helps him get the help he needs.  I really would hate to read yet another tragic ‘child star lost too soon” story.

Side note: Why in the quick fuck does Kirstie Alley look like Alfred Hitchcock in the upper right hand corner of the Enquirer’s cover?!


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