Chad Kroeger Dumped Some Girl for Ratvil

Listen up, Chad Kroeger’s ex.  The appropriate phrase you want to use at the end of every retelling of this story is “dodged a bullet.”

Chad Kroeger and Ratvil Lavigne trolled the world last week when they announced they were engaged. Well, apparently, we weren’t the only ones who read the news with jaws dropped, muttering to ourselves “what the fuck is this shit?” Chad’s ex-girlfriend, Kristen DeWitt, was screeching “What the fucking fuck,” as well.  However, unlike me, she doesn’t find the idea of Chavril tragically hilarious for the world.  She just finds them tragic:

“Chad and Kristen were happily dating until they made a mutual split in May,” a source close to the situation told

“His engagement to Avril completely caught Kristen off guard and the timelines don’t match up. Chad had to have been seeing Avril behind Kristen’s back.”

When the engagement went public on Tuesday Kristen took to Twitter to express her shock saying, “the moment u find out ur ex of four months engaged the girl he was cheating on you with! #classic.”

But before news of Avril and Chad’s engagement broke on Tuesday, someone tipped her off, asking whether or not she was aware that he may have been seeing someone else to which she replied, “not to my knowledge, the man barely has time to eat during the day. This is the first I’ve heard of It n we’ve remained close.”

According to reports, Avril and Chad have been dating for six months before he put the 14-carat sparkler on her ring finger — which would mean they began seeing each other in February, but he and Kristen didn’t break up until May.

“Yes I’m dating a girl from Ohio,” Chad admitted in April to Dave & Jimmy from WNCI radio.

On Thursday Kristen retweeted a quote presumably about Chad that read: “Got played. Got hurt. Cried Tears. Cursed his name. Learned a lesson. Moved on.”

So, the biggest take away here is that Chad Kroeger was actually involved in a love triangle of all things.  Chad fucking Kroeger.




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