Chad Johnson Arrested For Head-Butting Wife

copyright: Broward Sheriff’s Office

Yesterday afternoon I was watching the first episode of HBO’s new series that follows the Miami Dolphins, “Hard Knocks,” and at one point, Chad Johnson was walking out of camp to start his day off and screamed back to his coach ‘I’ll make sure to get arrested on my day off,’ to which the coach replied that he would wait for the call to bail him out.

Well, he didn’t get arrested on that day off, but he did last night after he and his wife, Evelyn Lozada, who stars on ‘Basketball Wives,’ got into a fight at dinner because she found a receipt for a box of condoms in his possessions. (Bad move #1.) The fight ended in their driveway when Chad allegedly head-butted Evelyn. (Clearly, bad move #2.)

Evelyn was taken to the hospital for a laceration on her forehead and Chad was taken to Broward County jail to wait for his appearance in front of the judge.

Handy note: Don’t get arrested on Saturday night because Judges don’t usually sit on Sunday, which means you’ll be hanging out in a cell for 2 days before you have a shot at making bail or being released.

Unlike Chad who is still sitting in jail, Evelyn was discharged from a hospital in Ft. Lauderdale early Sunday morning after being evaluated.

Presumably someone within the Miami Dolphin’s organizations will pull strings to get Chad released at some point today, which I’m sure Evelyn knew, so she went to stay with friends instead of going to her home with Chad in Davie, Florida.

Right now the Broward County Sheriff’s office arrest record says that Chad needs to pony up $2,500 bond, which is apparently still pending, to be released on the charges of Touch or Strike Battery and Domestic Violence.


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