Tom Cruise’s PR Spin Starts Now

I guess we’re seeing how Tommy Girl is going to play this one out in the media – by playing the role of a heartbroken single father struggling.  We’ll see if the public buys it.

Over the past two days, Tammy has been making the paps catch his every move as he carries Suri around New York City.

Now, the latest PEOPLE issue – paid for by Tiny Tom’s publicist – is all about Tom’s pain.  Indeed, the mag is taking us inside “Tom’s Shattered World.”  During Tammy’s “days of turmoil,” he’s apparently relying on his inner circle – and Scientology – to work through his pain.  I’m pretty sure Tiny Tom’s inner circle consist only of $cientology.

As for Suri, a source “close to the couple” (read: David Miscavige) being separated from her has been the toughest part of it all.

“He’s wanted to see her as fast as possible since this started,” a source, who cites Cruise’s obligation to his sci-fi thriller Oblivion as the main obstacle. “He couldn’t shut down production, cost people their jobs. People count on him.”

In agreeing to a divorce settlement in a mere 11 days, “Tom tried his best to do what’s right for Suri,” according to his longtime friend and lawyer Bert Fields, who says the star is “sad” but not “bitter” about the situation.

Cruise has been leaning on his older children, Connor, 17, and Isabella, 19, his three sisters and his mother – all of whom share his Scientology religion. Several members of his family joined him for support as he filmed his final scenes for Oblivion.

“Tom is not ashamed of his beliefs,” says the source, who knows the former couple, “and won’t hide them from his daughter.”

That’s a fine piece of work from Tommy Girl’s PR, but we’re not buying it.  After all, we all know when a woman is having to use disposable cell phones to coordinate her divorce, she’s escaping.  It’s interesting how they’re trying to convince us Tommy is the victim here, but no one’s buying it.


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