Octomom Wants Fans to Give Her $150k

I know.  You read the title of this post and the first thought that popped into your head was “Octomom has fans?”  Because unless we’re counting the type that hang from a ceiling (we’re not) the answer is no. However, Nadya Suleman is hoping that she not only has them, but that they’ll actually open up their wallets for her, without her having to open up her hoo-ha once again for them.

And now that I think about it, I’d pay for her to keep her vag shut.

Octomom set up her own personal panhandling page on the site, GoFundMe.com, with the intent of raising $150,000 as a down payment on a new house.  Her current home is being foreclosed on, and she has to be out within two weeks.

TMZ is also reporting Octo is attempting to book as many gigs as possible,  just in case she doesn’t raise her goal amount.   I’m assuming this puts her one step close to penetration in porn.


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