Are Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Engaged?

At the mere thought of this being true, I feel a thawing in the cold and empty space I have in my chest.  I love Jason Segel and Michelle Williams so much, and I can’t but be all le sigh with hearts in my eyes when it comes to their relationship.  And now, rumor has it the two are engaged to be married!

Woman’s Day is reporting that Jason has proposed to Michelle – and she’s accepted.  According to the site, it all went down like this:

Matilda was sitting on the bed, clutching a lavender bouquet,” reveals a close friend of Michelle. “It wasn’t until Michelle picked her up to give her a kiss that she saw a little note tucked among the blooms that read, ‘Will you marry me?’” The friend says it was no secret that Jason, 32, wanted to marry Michelle, so it was impressive that he managed to spring the proposal on her.

“He flew in from New Jersey with Matilda on Michelle’s last day at Comic-Con,” says our source. “It was tough making it a surprise because he’s been telling her from day one that he was going to marry her.”

Um, if this is true, can it be any more romantic/sweet/perfect?  The iceberg I call a heart isn’t just thawing, it’s completely melted and left me with a river of Awwwws that I typically only get when my puppy snuggles up to me in her sleep.

There is no official word from their rep (they are notoriously private), and a Michelle hasn’t been papped with a ring on her finger yet, so this is staying filed under “Rumor and speculation.” However, I can’t help but hope this rumor turns out to be true.


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