Stop the Presses: Jessica Simpson Is Already Having Sex

Well, Chestica Simpson is at her TMI best once again.  The new mom, which has a history of giving the world a bit of “OMG – TOO MUCH” info about herself in the past, is doing it again. In her recent PEOPLE interview, where she’s showing off her baby girl Maxwell Drew for the first time for $800k dollars, get that money, gurl, she reveals that she and fiance are already back to their baby making ways, a mere 3-weeks after her C-Section.  Via The Mail

‘I’ve kind of broken one rule,’ she told People magazine when asked about her activity and exercise just three weeks on.

Frisky business: Jessica admitted having sex with her fiance before her C-section scar had healed

‘I think I have the sexiest man in the world. So that’s the rule I break.’

Doctors generally warn new mothers not to have sex for a full six weeks after having a child.

With a C-section, the incision must heal and the postpartum bleeding must stop – or else there is a risk infection and reopening of the wound.

Girl, what is wrong with you?  This is not something to be bragging about.  I’ll admit, I’ve never been pregnant, or had kids, but I’m pretty damn sure that if I did, and the doc said “No sexy times” for at least 6 weeks, I’d probably listen to him.  I’d assume the doctor knows what’s up.

I can’t with this.


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