News that Shocks No One: Lindsay Lied About Car Accident to Cops

So by now you’ve probably heard that Lindsay Lohan was in a car accident over the weekend.  If you haven’t, here’s the long story short:  LiLo was driving a rented Porsche along the Pacific Coast Highway when she hit a truck.  She was hospitalized but suffered no real injuries, and went back to work on the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick pretty much instantly.  The driver of the truck may or may not be pursuing civil action against LiLo, and word is that he’s already retained an attorney (shocking).

Well, it appears Lindsay,  who is known for her truth and integrity (HAHAHAHA), lied to cops about who was driving the car when the accident occurred!  Of course, the phrase “Lindsay lied to the police” is the equivalent of saying “Pope is Catholic,” “bears shit in the woods,” etc. So hearing that she did it again is about as surprising as hearing John Revolta’s anus likes to karaoke The Whistle Song at male masseurs (read: on a scale of 1-10, Shock Factor is 0).

This time, Linds told Santa Monica Police that she wasn’t driving the Porsche when it struck the truck in this weekend’s accident.  Instead, she insisted it was her assistant behind the wheel.  However, LiLo apparently didn’t think to make sure this story was kosher with her assistant, because when cops interviewed her later, she claimed Lindsay was the driver.

Several witnesses also reported seeing Lindsay swap places in the car with her assistant immediately following the crash.

The police report will allegedly document Lindsay’s lie.  BTW, providing an officer with false information is kind of illegal, so this could violate LiLo’s probation and send her to jail, so we are more than likely guaranteed another annual Lindsay Lohan Jail Watch starring LiLo, attorney Shawn Holley and Judge Stephanie Sautner.

Stay tuned.


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