Kim Kardashian: “I Couldn’t Sacrifice My Heart for a Publicity Stunt”

In the much-hyped interview with Oprah Winfrey (oh, Oprah, I know you need the ratings, but this?  Really?!), veritable fountain of lies and falsehoods have been oozing out of the collagen-filled lips everyone in the Kartrashian Klan, however, so it’s not really shocking that Kimmy-cakes claims she wants to keep her relationship with Kanye West quiet, telling Oprah:

“I think we’ve always had an attraction for each other but we’ve always been in other relationships or it wasn’t the right timing. And then one day it just happened. I’m apprehensive to even just talk about it because I’ve been so open with my other relationships.”

Kim also claims her and Kanye’s relationship is a love for each other, and not the spotlight, saying “”I couldn’t sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt.”  To which I respond: 


Your heart beats in time to the click of paparazzi taking photos.  You don’t breathe unless there’s an E! around your ass. If you go anywhere, Pimp Momager Kris has TMZ on speed dial to alert them of your plans. You had sex on film with Ray J to make yourself famous! RAY J!
However, I do believe you and Kanye have found true love - true love for the spotlight, that is!  Now, sit down and stop trying to convince the world you have an epic romance. The only romance you (or Kanye) have is the ridiculous amount of love you feel for yourself.


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