Eddie Cibrian’s Birthday Cake is a “WTF” Mess

LeAnn Rimes twatted out this photo of hubby Eddie Cibrian’s cake for his 39th birthday, which coincided with Father’s Day.  The Praying Mantis Rimes had Eddie’s birthday cake designed with the  likes of the couple laying in bed topping the cake, while Eddie’s two sons sat a tier below.

I can’t even with this cake.  Normally, I’d be “who would do this? WHO?,” but  this is Praying Mantis we’re talking about, and her soul is a bottomless black hole that can only filled with staged paparazzi photos and Brandi Glanville’s rotting carcass.  The only way Praying Mantis could surprise me at this point is by doing something that is tasteful or classy, and the odds on that happening are about as good as Tommy Girl Cruise jumping out of the closet.


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