Jonah Hill Joins Leonardo DiCaprio In Next Scorsese Movie

Martin Scorsese is planning his next film, which will be called “The Wolf of Wall Street” and he’s finally revealing the stars of the movie. As usual, Scorsese has found a role for one of his favorite leading men, Leonardo DiCaprio, and it’s now being revealed that Jonah Hill will also join the cast.

Jonah is clearly trying to peppers some more serious acting roles into his resume after seeing all the success and praise he received from his role in “Moneyball.”

The new movie will be about the life of Jordan Delfort and his rise and fall as a Wall Street trader. The fall came as a result of drugs and alcohol and getting a little too big for his britches and a little to drunk on wealth.

Jonah will play Danny Borush, who is Delfont’s friend who introduced him to the life he could have with all of his  money. Obviously Delfont will be played by Leo.

The movie will start production in August.

Jonah’s next movie, “Neighborhood Watch,” will be released on July 27.


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