Demi Moore Officially Drops @MrsKutcher Twitter Handle

Demi Moore has officially dropped her old twitter hand, which was @MrsKutcher to speak through a more single (less Kutcher-related) handle and is now official @justdemi.

If you search for “MrsKutcher” on Twitter, it will automatically redirect you to Demi’s new handle; however never fear because still has her old handle and all of her old tweets. Check out a few of her recent tweets before making the leap!



Demi posted a tweet about wanting to change her twitter handle on April 17 and since then was taking suggestions from her fans, who came up with @MrsMoore, various versions related to greek goddesses from some dude named Simon Seamount who clearly thinks Demi is a goddess, MrsCougariffic (hilarious!), MoreMoore (clever), and finally yesterday she announced that she will be…



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