Lilo Will Definitely NOT Be Prosecuted for Alleged Hit and Run Incident

Lindsay Lohan got some good news yesterday from the Los Angeles’ District Attorney’s Office who was investigation the alleged hit and run incident that occurred two months ago. Lindsay, who is battling two new legal woes only a month after her formal probationary period was concluded, can formally check ‘dealing with the alleged hit and run’ off of her daily chore list because the D.A. said that they will not prosecute.

The L.A. police department concluded their investigation a few days ago and turned the file over to the District Attorney to make the final determination of whether the evidence linked Lindsay to the alleged hit and run. Thankfully for Lindsay, the D.A. determined that there was “no direct evidence” of Lindsay’s car hitting Thaer Kamel, the manager of the Hollywood Hookah Lounge, and then driving away.

The District Attorney then went one step further and put in the report that the evidence didn’t show that Mr. Kamel was ever hit by any car, which means that the police don’t have to go on a wild goose chase for another car.The district Attorney said in the report that:

Victim Kamal changed story and lack of cooperation with law enforcement make him a non credible witness. The fact that no collision is seen on the video and a lack of any damage to any vehicle or any independent witnesses make it impossible to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Prospective next steps:

1. Lindsay files a civil suit

2. L.A. County Police ask Mr. Kamel very nicely why he committed the crime of filing a false police report.



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