Another Day, Another Round of John Travolta Accusations

Well, yet another John Travolta Massage of Doom accuser came forward over the weekend.  Michael Caputo, a former employee at the Peninsula Hotel in New York, told the NY Daily News that John Travolta was banned from the hotel’s spa for over three years for repeatedly trying to touch male masseuses no-no squares.

“Travolta would always request a man for his massage, but after a while no one would take him because of his inappropriate behavior,” Caputo said.

“It got to the point where they couldn’t find any men to take him, and they had to ban him,” recalled the masseur known as Magic Mike, who claimed he worked at the Peninsula from 1992-2008.

Caputo said this happened nearly a decade ago, and detailed John’s mating call to the massage therapists:

...male staffers complained about Travolta removing his towel, grinding against the massage table and lifting his butt in the air.

All images I could’ve happily lived without.

Anyway, I’m sure there will be more allegations coming from others this week, and we’ll find out even more whorey gory details about John Travolta’s spa-house sexcapades (ewwwww).  

However, there is a part of me that’s donned my tinfoil hat and believes there’s a chance that all these stories are surfacing because  Tammy and the rest of the $cientologists are pissed off that John’s trying to leave the cult church, which has been rumored since that tragic death of his son Jett since 2009.  It’s not that I don’t believe Danny Zuko wouldn’t be capable of  trying to get a happy ending from a masseuse – quite the opposite,  actually.  It’s  more like this is the type of behavior that $cientology has been rumored to be covering up for Travolta for years.  If he’s  really breaking away, I wouldn’t be surprised if the church not only stopped covering up one of its lead members “indiscretions,” but now they’re making sure the stories get out to the public as a punishment/intimidation tactic, as well.




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