Agent Coulson’s Top 5 Moments from “The Avengers” Franchise

Okay, so I’ll admit, this post is just a flimsy excuse for me to SQUEE ALL OVER THE PLACE IN EXCITEMENT at tomorrow being Avengers Day here in the US!

So in my total excitement, I’ve been reading all things Avengers online, trying really hard to stay away from anything spoilery and clock watching all day (time goes so slowly).  I stumbled across this gem on, which features Clark Gregg AKA S.H.I.E.L.D agent Phil Coulson (whom I find nerdyhot – don’t judge me) revealing his 5 favorite moments from the Avengers franchise.  Of course, they’re “incredibly fair and balanced.”

He’s hilarious.  I love this man, who – let’s be honest – was the best part of Iron Man2.  

The glue of the Marvel cinematic universe, indeed.


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