Lane Garrison Charged with Domestic Violence

We told you the other day that actor and former jail mate, Lane Garrison, was in trouble with the law again after being accused of getting into a physical fight with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Mattingly, on Saturday. Ashley accused Lane of striking her across the face, which she said was evidenced by security footage. Lane said that he didn’t hit her, he was simply reaching for her phone.

Lane, who is still on parole for a 2007 incident where he killed a 17-year old passenger in his car after he got into an accident while driving intoxicated, was adamant that he didn’t do anything wrong and wouldn’t be charged.

Lane was wrong.

Yesterday Garrison was charged with misdemeanor battery against Mattingly, which is still a violation of a parole and could mean another vacation behind bars for the actor, if convicted.

Lane is being held without bail due to his parole status.

Hopefully those couple movies that he’s signed on to do per IMDB aren’t too pressing, or can find a replacement, because he may be forcefully unemployed for a bit.


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