Jersey Shore House Vandalized By Fans Who Want To Leave Messages For the Cast

The real estate agent who cares and maintains the house featured in the “Jersey Shore” is bitching and moaning because some rude and ridiculous fans have been vandalizing the outside of the house by spray painting graffiti messages to the cast like “We love you Snooki.”

The real estate agent said that the vandalism is so frequent that it requires fresh paint every week. During the period of time that the house is not being used by MTV, it brings in a pretty penny by renting to fans who want to stay in the Jersey Shore house; however the house is not that attractive when it’s covered by sometimes rude and crude messages. As a result, the real estate company has been forced to put the local Seaside Heights police on notice of the vandalism and has hired security.

The only saving grace for the real estate company is that MTV is on the hook for the weekly paint jobs when the cameras are rolling.

I think the “Jersey Shore” peeps need to ask their fans to stop vandalizing the house – if that doesn’t work then the local police need to star handing out some fines. It is always a great deterrent to see the first guy get a big fat citation for vandalism.

P.S. if you were interested in renting the Jersey Shore house, better start counting the hundreds because it costs roughly $2,500 a night to stay there.


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