Lilo Lands ANOTHER Job

New episodes of “Glee” will return on April 10 and Gleeks are eagerly waiting to see whether Quinn survives the terrible car accident that she was in at the end of the mid season finale (of course she will). “Glee” has also announced that Lindsay Lohan will make a guest appearance this season, where she will play herself. The show wants Lilo to play a B/ D-list celebrity judge at Nationals.

Wonder if Lindsay will stare at the camera and read the cue cards during her performance on “Glee” too.

In maybe more exciting news, “Glee” told us a couple months ago that Matt Bomer (of “White Collar”) will also guest star on the show as Blaine’s hot older brother. That fictitious family has some seriously amazing genes.

It’s also being reported that Whoopi Goldberg will guest star this season as a professor and theater expert at NYADA, which will clearly tie into the Kurt and Rachel story line.


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