Lindsay Lohan is a Free Woman

Today marked Lindsay’s last status hearing in front of Judge Sautner to determine her compliance with the very strict and regimented probation sentence imposed. Judge Sautner told her in November that she was “putting the keys to the jail in [Lindsay's] hands” and Lindsay said (figuratively) ‘I don’t want no stinkin’ keys,’ and was formally released from probation today.

Just Sautner told Lindsay that she met all of the imposed requirements of the probation, which stemmed from the original probation violation imposed from the two DUI convictions. Sautner also advised Lindsay that she would remain on probation for the misdemeanor shoplifting conviction for the next 2 years but that

The only terms on that case are to obey all laws. It’s not that hard.


Lindsay apparently thanked the Judge for being fair to her and said that “it’s really opened a lot of doors for me….” Not really sure how the Judge’s fairness has opened doors other than the fact that she was not sent to jail so she is able to work, but ok.

So well done Lindsay – you managed to go five months without breaking the law and only had two incidents of drama – the purse snatching in Hawaii and the alleged hit and run accident that is looking more bogus by the day.


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