Lindsay Lohan Trying to Kick-Start Career with Saturday Night Live Hosting Stint

If you watched Saturday Night Live this weekend, you probably know by now that Lindsay Lohan will be the guest host for the March 3rd episode (and, more relevant to my interests, Jack White will be the musical guest star!)

Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan was the one who reached out to Lorne Michaels to pitch herself for the gig.  TMZ says:

“Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she has always felt the “SNL” executive producer has been very fatherly towards her throughout the years. We’re told LiLo has always enjoyed doing the show, but was waiting for the right time to do it again.

So now that her community service is coming to an end, our sources say Lindsay called up Lorne and asked him to consider her for the show again. We’re told they had multiple conversations and eventually settled on a date … March 3.

I have to say, I think this is actually a great idea, especially if she and the show can poke fun at her recent troubles in a self-deprecating and humorous way.

Now if she could just stay off the 8-Balls and booze, stop doing whatever the hell she does to her face (no more ducklips) and dye her hair red again, she might be able to successfully resuscitate her career – the one that Emma Stone now has.

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