Is Jolie’ing the New Tebow’ing? Probably.

Credit: someone awesome on the internets!

So, Angelina Jolie’s right leg may have just started a new internet meme-craze.

In less than 24 hours, we’ve gotten a Twitter account dedicated to it (@AngiesRightLeg- now over 14k followers), a Tumblr site (, a hilarious pic of what could’ve been (see below), and on this site alone, 3 articles dedicated to the leg that stole the show. We also can’t forget this article from Buzzfeed, which was the first dedicated to Jolie’s now infamous pose.  I cackled through it last night while live-tweeting the show.

So, yes, it looks as if a new meme has been born.  I look forward to seeing all the twitpics and Tumblr posts featuring Jolie’ing.  It’s the new Tebow’ing, it’s replacing Lin-sanity, planking is so 2011 and owling was lame.

So, we’ll enjoy it – for now.


Jolie'ing on Tumblr


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