Gwyneth Paltrow Will Help You Cleanse Your Colon

Gwyneth Paltrow is offering GOOP for your poop.

That’s beause the actress, who is a very public supporter on having a perfectly cleansed colon, is now offering her own line of products to help you flush out your rectal cavity called The GOOP Cleanse.

Couldn’t she think of a better name for this product?

The Goop Cleanse programs involves three days of three meals a day from the special “Elimination Diet,” followed by 21-days  of a shake every morning, followed by life, followed by lunch from the Elimination Diet, followed by life, followed by a shake for dinner. You’re also supposed to take Clean supplements throughout the day.

If you’re wondering what this Elimination Diet is, it’s essentially a list of things to include in your diet and not to include in your diet. It’s quite specific and includes a lot of things that are not ordinarily found normal recipes or normal grocery stores for that matter, i.e. buckwheat, lamb, duck, bee pollen, cold-pressed olive.

The doctor who developed this particular product boasts that the perk to the program is that people get to eat during the cleanse. I do not consider two shakes a day and one meal off a special menu “eating.”

Gwyn made sure to give her two cents about the GOOP program from Clean,

I’ve used Clean in the past with great results, losing a few pounds and kickstarting a healthier and more energetic new year. This month, I’ll be doing it along with members of the goop team and we hope you will too. And, it goes without saying, but be sure to check with your doctor before getting started! Love, gp

The other odd thing about this diet, other than the fact that Gwyny is promoting it and it seems super difficult – oh and that the program costs $425 –  is that the only time in a day that a person can actually EAT is at lunch, which is when most people are at work and have to eat something quick…. In short, you probably shouldn’t work if you’re going to do this cleanse.


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