Brandi Glanville Admits to Week Long Fling with Gerard Butler

Apparently, Brandi Glanville is the type to kiss and tell, because that’s exactly what she’s done.  During an interview on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen, Cohen told Brandi he was going to ask her three questions, having the choice to opt out of one – and only one – by pleading the fifth.

For his first question, he asked Brandi: “If you could have ten minutes alone in a room with LeAnn Rimes and suffer no repercussions, what would you say to her?”

Brandi chose to plead the fifth on the inquiry.

For Cohen’s second question, he asked Brandi when was the last time she watched porn. Brandi responded: “I don’t watch porn. A year ago.  Maybe. Randomly.”

For the third and final question, Cohen asked who was the most famous person, besides Eddie Cibrian, that Brandi ever hooked up with. Knowing she’d already used her “get out jail free” card, she laughed.

I can’t plead the fifth. Uh, Gerard Butler.

Cohen was obviously delighted to get such a juicy tidbit out of Brandi and pressed further. “Was it once? Was it a relationship?”

Brandi relented, saying that it wasn’t a one night stand, but was in fact, “a little week of fun.”

Oh my! On one hand, I’m intrigued, but on the other, I’m completely grossed out.  I’ll be be honest, I feel like I catch an STD just looking at pics of Gerard Butler.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Brandi rated the hook-up an 11.

The hookup happened last summer.

When pressed further, Brandie declined to share any further details.

Yikes, I feel like I’ve already said to much! You know I tell you the truth!!I don’t want to say any more I won’t be talking any more about it I’m so embarrassed.

So are we, Brandi. So are we.



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