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New Kids on the Block: Where Are They Now?

It's been 30 years since the boys of New Kids on the Block hit the scene and melted teenage hearts everywhere A lot has happened since their days in the spotlight, so let's catch up with the grown-up heartthrobs Via:

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Anne Hathaway Says She’s Ready to Just “Be Married and Take It Easy”

Anne Hathaway is poised for another major award season with her role in director Christopher Nolan's space odyssey, Interstellar, but it turns out the star has some very down-to-earth personal plans for 2015 Via: http://wwwpopsugarcom/celebrity/Anne-Hathaway-Interstellar-Interview-Video-36019849

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Watch Beyonce Out And About In New York City!

Beyonce could barely make it to her awaiting SUV Thursday night, after leaving an office building in New York City Cameramen flashed their lights in her face trying to snap a photo, and cars honked all around her Just another

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