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Is Booty Being Banned at This Year’s American Music Awards?

The American Music Awards air on Sunday, but you need to be debriefed on what's in store from performers Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and the list goes on! See what these entertainers have planned! Via: http://wwwpopsugarcom/celebrity/Performers-American-Music-Awards-2014-36148738

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18 Gifts For a Perfectly Royal Holiday

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who is obsessed with the British royal family? Well, we've got you covered We've rounded up the most elegant, funny, and adorable gifts that are sure to put a smile on any royal

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Amy Jackson Wears A Bikini

You may be asking yourself, why is Amy Jackson in a bikini? Or, more to the point, who the fuck is Amy Jackson? She's a British model who acts a lot in Indian movies If you've recently caught a double

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